Aug 27

Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless earbuds – First stereo earbuds with a built-in biometric heart rate monitor

Jabra Sports Pulse Wireless earbuds is the first earbuds with built-in biometric heart rate monitor. The earbuds also feature Dolby Digital sound, real-time voice coaching, and a built-in ‘Jabra Sport Life’ app that plans, tracks and evaluates workouts.

The Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless earbuds are currently available for pre-order at and will be available at Best Buy retail stores and in late September.

Aug 27

PAPAGO! Video Contest

Papago is the first slide out dashcam. The company is offering up this amazing product to three lucky winners of it’s video contest. The three participates compete to win a $400 gift card after posted up a video using the dashcam.

Check out rules and details HERE

Aug 24

Henge Docks MacBook Air Vertical Dock

Henge Docks MacBook Air Vertical Dock is a unique vertical dock for your 11 or 13 inch Macbook Air. The docking station saves desk space and features integrated ports and requires no setup. The dock has Mini DisplayPort and USB passthroughs allowing for easy peripherals connection. The docking station is compatible with regular MagSafe and MagSafe2. The Henge Docks MacBook Air Vertical Dock is available now for $55 for the 11 inch model and $60 for the 13 inch version.

Check out Henge Docks MacBook Air Vertical Dock HERE

Aug 24

LIGHTFREQ – Sleekest, Smartest Light Bulb Ever

LIGHTFREQ is a smart light bulb with built in speaker, 16M colors, notifications, Intercom, Alarm, Whole house Audio! Party Modes, and LOUD.

LightFreq features Bluetooth, WIFI, Multicolor Energy Efficient L.E.D. Lightbulb (RGB-W) with Built in HD Audio. The accompanying app help change the way you use a light bulb and your smart device. Using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi you can play HD audio through the whole house. Utilizing Bluetooth only, you can play up to two LightFreqs at a time with the A2DP Bluetooth protocol, so you’ll be transmitting in stereo. LightFreq has a special feature called built-in follow where your audio will follow you from room to room as long as you have the smart device with you.

Check out LightFreq on Kickstarter HERE

Aug 22

Swing Copters – From the makers of Flappy Bird

Swing Copters is the newest game from Flappy Bird’s creator Dong Nguyen. The game is apparently very difficult to master. The description of the game is “Flying with a propeller hat is not as easy as it looks. To play you just tap to change direction. Get 4 medals to unlock more characters. The games is free for iOS so it’s worth checking out just as a time waster.

Aug 21

Teewe – Stream HD videos from Youtube or your local devices on the HDTV

Teewe is a new Chromebox competitor that makes it easy to stream content from your laptop to the HDTV. The USB device connect through your wifi to stream content. You can also use the mobile app as a remote.

– Teewe lets you stream online and local media to your TV
– Works exclusively with the Teewe App
– Plugs into your TV’s HDMI Port
– Connects wirelessly to your home Wi-Fi network
– All your media at your fingertips


– Dual Core ARM Cortex A9 Processor, 1.5+ Ghz
– Works with any TV with an HDMI Port and needs a Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n connection to stream

Preorder the Teewe HERE

Aug 19

VIDDY – DIY pinhole camera kit

VIDDY is the world’s cutest DIY medium format & 35mm pinhole camera. The VIDDY is screenprinted and die-cut by hand in UK and available in 4 colors(Green, Black, Blue, and Red).

VIDDY comes as a kit and the main piece pops out so you go from a flat pack to working camera in about 30 minutes. Stickers and pin are used to build the main part of the camera and a small drop of glue to construct the film advance knobs. VIDDY helps photographers reconnect with film photography.

Check out VIDDY HERE

Aug 19

The Shrunks – inflatable nap bed for toddlers

The Shrunks Nap Mat is an all-in-one inflatable sleeping surface that includes a built-in foot pump, fleece blanket, and pillow. The Shrunks is so easy to use that kids can inflate and deflate their Shrunks bed themselves.

The Shrunks is perfect for sleepovers, traveling, or even the nap room at preschool. Check out the Shrunks HERE

Aug 19

The Urban Glider – The fun way to travel

The Urban Glider is a lightweight unicycle that glides. The Urban Glider is easy to use by leaning your body in the direction you want to go and the glider reacts to the change in your center of gravity. Leaning forward will move the Glider forward while leaning back will slow down the Urban Glider.

The Urban Glider features 1500 watt motor, 13mph speed, and 24lbs of weight. The Urban Glider is great for traveling, doing stunts, and relaxing. The Urban Glider is looking for fund at Kickstarter HERE

Aug 15

Google Cardboard VR with NFC tag Review

We heard about Google giving away the Google Cardboard at an event. Those that could not attend have a chance to buy a pre assembled kit from has made the Google Cardboard to spec and looks identical to the real thing.

The kit includes pre-cut cardboard, lenses, magnets, NFC tag, velcro strips and rubber band. Google Cardboard has a free app that you can play around with VR. It is cool concept and one that I hoped continues to release new exciting VR apps. offers the Google Cardboard VR with NFC tag for $24.99 HERE

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