May 18

CTRL ONE Black – Smartest LCD tint changing Glasses

CTRL ONE Black is the Smartest LCD tint changing Glasses on the market. These special glasses was developed for the U.S. Special Forces and now available to the masses.

• Automatic and Manual Control
• Superior anti-fog coating
• Fail-safe mechanism
• Additional UV protection
• Micro USB rechargeable lithium battery
• Easy no-tool installation.
• Adjustable nose pad and bendable temples
• Adjusting tint within 0.1 second
• Bulletproof/Ballistic Lenses in line with ANSI Z87.1 impact resistance requirements

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Mar 23

Innovation Factory Trucker’s Friend Survival Tool Review
Trucker’s Friend was made with Truck drivers in mind as it can be used for hacking, prying, pulling or pounding with it’s multi-use functionality. The Trucker’s Friend is also a handy tool for outdoorsman and the everyday guy that needs an all-in-one tool that does all the essential stuff. The Trucker’s Friend tool features an curved axe, spanner, hammer, nail puller, tire chain hook, pry bar and lever. The Survival tool is made in the USA and is solidly built and back with a lifetime warranty.

I am not a truck driver but I do my fair share of wood chopping as we have a fireplace and hammer and nail puller for use around the house. And of course if zombies ever come to my house I would be prepared for the worse. All kidding aside this tool is made for the manly guy that likes to fix and repair stuff. It is also nice for emergency situations in the truck, very nice looking tool and for rescue situations.

If you want a survival tool when you prepare for the worse then I highly recommend the Innovation Factory Trucker’s Friend. A nice tool to have in the trunk of your car or a home for handy work. The Trucker’s Friend is a useful tool with endless possibilities of uses. The Trucker’s Friend is a must have for firefights, first responders, outdoorsman, and every day guy.

The Trucker’s Friend can be purchased from Amazon for $59.95 plus shipping HERE

Feb 16

1byone Infinity Glow Eye-Friendly LED Desk Lamp With 3 Light Modes & 6 Dimmable Levels, USB Rechargeable, Touch-Sensitive Control Panel, 360° Fully Foldable and Portable Table Light, Black Review

I was looking to replace my desk lamp that was getting old, hot and didn’t look great on my desk. This is when I stumbled upon the 1byone Infinity Glow Eye-Friendly LED Desk Lamp. This lamp has a built in battery so it’s easy to move from room to room. The lamp features a modern and cutting edge design that you can bend the base of the lamp to 360° Fully Foldable. The lamp blends metal case and panel light with the silicon rubber base. The light uses LED which are much more friendly to your eyes.

The 1byone Infinity Glow Eye-Friendly LED Desk Lamp was built to last with a LED panel will last over 50,000 hrs. The 20 LEDs is super bright and can be adjusted to your level of light source. The built-in 2000 mAh high quality Li-Polymer 3 hrs continuous charging. You can charge the lamp with the include usb charging cable. The lamp is adjustable with a bendable rubber base that you can bend down and up to your liking. I do a lot of work at my desk at night and the only source of light is my LCD. This is bad for your eyes and having an LED lamp helps a lot especially when you want to write down notes at night.

The perfect desk lamp for students at dorm or business professional at the office. I highly recommend you give this Infinity lamp a try as you will really like the modern design and eye friendly LEDs. I previously purchase a similar lamp from another company on Amazon but it did not function as good as this 1byone version. Everyone needs a good lamp at their desk and this 1byone Infinity Glow is the obviously choice for those in the market for a new lamp.

9.5 Out of 10

Buy it now here
1byone Infinity Glow Eye-Friendly LED Desk Lamp With 3 Light Modes & 6 Dimmable Levels, USB Rechargeable, Touch-Sensitive Control Panel, 360° Fully Foldable and Portable Table Light, Black

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Feb 16

PenRecorderPro SL100 Voice Recorder Pen, Voice Activated, Small Audio Recording Device (Slimline Series)

The PenRecorderPro SL100 is a cool and slim pen that can record audio for recording lectures, personal use, or for professional use. The Voice Recording pen can be used by students to record lectures, private eye to record private conversations, or business people to record meetings. The pen itself looks like an ordinary pen but it’s has a built in voice recorder that can record 140 hours of audio. The SLIMMEST & MOST DISCREET spy pen on the market is available now for only $119 plus free shipping.

The pen features advance VOICE ACTIVATION & continuous recording modes not found on other voice recorders on the market. You can choose 3 different quality audio modes including HD quality audio. The PenRecorderPro SL100 is easy to use as you slide the pen clip to start/stop recording. After recording using the voice recorder you can playback the audio with the included wired remote and earbuds. The 1GB of data allows you to recorder a great deal of audio with the function of voice activation.

The PenRecorderPro SL100 Voice Recorder Pen is the real deal when it’s comes to a professional grade voice recording pen solution for all your professional and personal needs. The Recorder Pen products excellent audio clips and is stealth black design makes it perfect as a spy pen. I would definitely recommend this if your are in the market for an advance recording pen that does it all.

9.8 Out of 10

Buy it now here
SL100 Voice Recorder Pen, Voice Activated, Small Audio Recording Device (Slimline Series)

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Feb 12

Lewis N Clark Backpack Review

This is a cool idea to create a pack-able backpack as a normal one adds a ton of weight. This Lewis N Clark Backpack weighs almost nothing and folds into a pouch. I put this in my glove compartment along with my pack-able North Face Thermoball Jacket. This is an essential travel backpack as it’s easy to carry and take with you anywhere. The backpack is made of high quality silnylon construction that unfolds to a full size backpack.

The Lewis N Clark Backpack is 17×13 and can fit a host of essential stuff like snacks, water bottle, magazines, books, jacket, clothes and more. The backpack conforms to the contents inside of it and is durable enough to hold a ton of stuff. The backpack would also be useful for frequent flyers as it is the perfect carry-on backpack that you can take your clothes and essentials with on a weekend trip.

Overall a nice backpack that is easy to carry and lightweight enough for all your adventures and travel. Whether your shopping at a outlet mall and want to go hands free or on a camping trip the Lewis N Clark will make an ideal compact companion. So far in testing the backpack it has held up well and the construction is solid with perfect stitching and high quality materials.

9.7 Out of 10

Buy it now here
Lewis N. Clark ElectroLight Backpack (Blue/Neon Green)

Jan 16

Never received cashback from CouponCabin

This is my first time using cashback from CouponCabin and this site offered $5. When it was time for CouponCabin to pay they claimed that I clicked on another website and the other site got credit. So they would not pay me the $5 cashback that I earned. There site shows that I clicked on the link and I directly clicked on the link and purchase the item from

I would NOT deal with CouponCabin again and plan to use another more popular website like FatWallet or Ebates.

Jan 07

SonderGut Travel Chess/Checkers Roll-up Travel game Review

We live in a world of Smartphone yet sometimes you just want to play a board game with a friend. SonderGut offers a unique gift idea in the Travel Chess/Checkers Roll-up Travel game. The boards games are presented in a genuine leather roll-up game for easy travel. The pieces can be used for either chess or checkers by flipping to the correct side. Most board games are made of very cheap materials yet this Chess/Checkers set is all quality and ready to take with you anywhere.

The SonderGut Travel Chess/Checkers Roll-up game looks like a normal watch roll when rolled up. This is until you un-roll the game board to reveal a chess/checkers board. The zipper section hold the game pieces and the entire board is hand-sewn and made of velvety, gray / ivory checker suede. The board game is perfect for a quick game of checker’s or chess anywhere you are. Since the game rolls-up you can take this virtually anywhere and play with friends or family members. Often at family get-together we end up playing cards and some form of board game. The SonderGut travel set is perfect for these occasion to socialize and have fun with friends and family.

SonderGut offers classic games on the go and two of the best classic games of all-time are available in one set. I take this roll-up travel game with me to the park, family get-togethers, and on the plane. It so lightweight and easy for travel and playing with a family member or friend is the best experience. SonderGut Travel Chess/Checkers Roll-up Travel game is a great social game that is great way to play board games. In today’s age where everyone is looking down at a Smartphone it is good once in awhile to actually chat, socialize and have fun playing board games.

10 Out of 10

Buy this now at Amazon here
Pitkin Stearns International, Inc. Genuine Leather Roll-Up Travel Game – Chess/Checkers

Or The Grommet HERE

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Dec 03

Anelace Crystal Blue “Powers of 2” BCD & Direct Binary Clock Review

When it comes to cool gift ideas this Christmas, nothing is more unique that this Anelace Crystal Blue “Powers of 2” BCD & Direct Binary Clock. The Anelace Clock uses binary code to read time. Anybody into computers such as Computer Science majors, Math geeks, or everyday people will get a kick out of this clock.

Materials: faceplate of plastic materials (ABS with polycarbonate light pipes) and an ABS rear cover. Internally there is a board of electronics that includes 20 surface-mount blue LEDs. Power adapter “wall wart” is a standard plastic housing with internal copper and magnetics.
Direct binary mode (in addition to binary coded decimal).
Dim to change the brightness of the LEDs to match your environment.
12 or 24 hour mode. Automatically senses 60 or 50 HZ. Size 3 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ x 2″.
Package Includes: Crystal Blue “Powers of 2” BCD (binary coded decimal) Clock. AC power adapter, and instructions.

The clock has two modes that include 12 or 24 hour formats. The clock has Silver faceplate with Crystal Blue LEDs. It is a cool minimalist design that looks good in any room in the house. The clock also has a DIM setting to lower the LED brightness. The instructions give clear instructions on how to tell the time and after learning how to read time in Binary code then you can easily glance over and tell the time.

A cool Binary clock that will interest your guest. I believe math geeks and computer nerds would like this a lot. The non techie person will have a slight learning curved but should catch on rather quickly. I really like quirky gifts and this one is a very nice clock with a little bit of challenge to it. Someone that didn’t know what the clock was would ask you questions and you can explain that it is a clock with a special method of reading time. I put this at my desk at work and there no better way to tell time and have fun reading the time than this Anelace Crystal Blue “Powers of 2” BCD & Direct Binary Clock.

10 Out of 10

Buy it now here
Crystal Blue “Powers of 2” BCD & Direct Binary Clock (Silver w/Blue LEDs)

You can also purchase this at the Grommet HERE

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Dec 01

1byone Prismatic Circle Dome Disco LED Light with Sound Activated and DMX512 Control – 7.2″
1byone has created the ultimate Disco LED light with Sound activated and DMX512 Control. This would be perfect for a dance party, disco themed party or turn your basement into a Karaoke room. The Dome Disco LED lights up a room with various colors and creates the perfect setting for a good time. The colorful circles will be spread in 360° around the dome to fill the whole room with colorful effects.

The 1byone would be perfect for a kids party at home that will have all his/her friends talking about. The best part is the price of this dome LED light is only 21.99 making it affordable for everyone to own. The setup was very easy to do and I was up and running in less than a minute. This could also be use as a personal nightclub.

Just add a DJ and create an epic nightclub at your home for all your friends to enjoy. This is professional quality LED light show that will impress your guests and pump up the fun. I highly recommend this for anyone that wants to add another level enjoyment at your next party.

9.7 Out of 10

Buy it now here
1byone O00QS-0062 7.2-Inch Crystal Super LED Stage Light with Sound Activated and DMX512 Control

Check out 1byone HERE

Nov 05

1byone Bluetooth Smartbulb review
One of the coolest products I have found on Amazon is this Smartbulb from 1byone. The Smartbulb is a light bulb, speaker and light show in one device. The Bluetooth Smartbulb connects to your mobile device using an app in the instruction manual as a QR code. I downloaded an QR Reader app on my iPad and scanned the QR code and it found the correct app and downloaded. Once the app is downloaded you pair the device with the Smartbulb and now have complete control of the Bluetooth Smartbulb.

The app allows you to turn on/off the light, change the color of the Smartbulb into any color you wish in the color spectrum. If you set the Smartbulb to auto, the Smartbulb will follow a song with a light show. I tested this the Smartbulb with Youtube and iTunes radio and the speaker is loud enough to fill a large room. The Smart bulb is just slightly bigger than a regular light bulb. I found it similar in size to other LED light bulbs that I own that don’t feature the bluetooth speaker.

I love using this Smartbulb for parties and family get-together as you can screw this into any ceiling light and play music in the room of your choosing. The sound quality is very good with no distortion. It is lacking a little bass but otherwise is fine and playbacks all genres of music.

The Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker Smart LED is a superb quality item that your family will enjoy. I showed this to my family member and they instantly wanted one as well. This is a cool light bulb to show off the friends and family and also listen to music while viewing a cool light show. This would make a cool gift for the teenager in you family .

9.5 Out of 10

Check out official site here

Buy it now here
1byone New Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker Smart LED Night Light Bulb Audio Music RGB Lamp- Smartphone Free APP Controlled- Dimmable Multicolored Colorful LED Display-one Pocket Monsters for Your Exclusive Party–12 Months Warranty(try Risk Free)

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