Feb 05

A nicely done product Stylus Handpad Review


The Apple iPad is a great product but it was meant to be used with the finger navigation.  The problem is if you have big fingers your accuracy is way off.  This is where capacitive stylus come in as they are more accurate that the finger.  A nicely done product Stylus Handpad solves one of the biggest problems using a stylus and that is resting your palm on the iPad.

The A nicely done product Stylus Handpad consists of a stylus and a handpad to rest your palm why scribbling.  This product will appeal to artists, note takers, and Photoshop users.  The stylus and handpad make drawing, taking notes, and editing photos on the iPad great.

I highly recommend the A nicely done product Stylus Handpad as a perfect tool for your new iPad.  It works great when you are drawing on the touchscreen of the iPad.  The Stylus Handpad is available now for only $12 each and would make great stocking stuffers.

9.2 Out of 10

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