Feb 05

Andrea Electronics PC Headset (SB-405B) Superbeam Phones Review

As a person who does a lot of chatting and Skyping, I am always on the lookout for a new headset. Andrea Electronics just release the Superbeam Phones. Those who are using the built in mic on their Macbook or laptop should consider upgrading to something better like the Superbeam Phones.

Andrea Superbeam Phones are boom free meaning that it does not have that ugly boom mic instead integrating the mic into the headphones. The headset includes a very nice hard case for the phones. The headphones fold flat for easy travel inside the case. The headphones are made of glossy black plastic and feel light and decent quality materials. The headphones have nice cushion on each earpiece that go on top of ears.

As just headphones I found them to be very good when watching a movie or viewing a clip on YouTube the sound is excellent. When using Skype I found the two built in mics pickup my voice very clear to the other person the line. In addition using Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger sound great as well.

Andrea Superbeam Phones are an excellent headset for video chatting, Skype, VOIP, and PC gaming. They are much cheaper than say the Bowers & Wilkins P5 Headset while still offering very good quality sound and voice through the headset.

9 Out of 10

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Andrea Superbeam Phones

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