Feb 05

BlinQ Universal remote control for iPhone and iPod Touch Review

BlinQ allows you to turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a universal remote control. The BlinQ has a free app and an IR blaster that plugs into the audio port on your iDevice. What I like about BlinQ is that it only costs $9.99 total which is much cheaper than alternative options.

The setup was simple as can be as you just download the free app then wait to receive the IR blaster in the mail. Once you receive the IR Blaster you can simple plug it in and launch the app. You must have the IR Blaster pointing down and pointed at the TV. The app will search for your TV based on codes for your brand and model. This will take a couple of minutes to find the correct signal. The BlinQ app has a TV Guide which comes in handy to find what is on and what you want to watch.

I think the low costs will make the BlinQ the top solution to turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a universal remote. It is simple to use and easy to setup that I would highly recommend the BlinQ Universal remote control.

9 Out of 10

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