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brite-View Playtime (BV-3100) 1080p HD Multimedia Player – white Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim
brite-View Playtime (BV-3100) 1080p HD Multimedia Player – white
Brite-View’s latest media player packs a punch in a small compact size. The Brite-View Playtime! Media Player could give Apple TV a run for its money for its good looks, simple classic design, and performance. The Media Player is geared towards those who want to play their own HD files, pictures, songs from an external hard drive to the HDTV.

Brite-View Playtime is made for those who don’t want to fuss with networking and streaming. With AT&T and Comcast now capping the internet you maybe wise to skip streaming shows and instead saving them to a hard drive so you can view them anytime on your television. Playtime makes it simple to playback videos from your external hard drive. All you have to do is plug in your hard drive and browse through the easy interface and play your high definition Blu-Ray ISO’s as well as your DVD ISO with full menu. In addition you can play your Xvid, Divx, MPEG 1/2/4, WMV, RM/RMVB videos. Everything I threw at the Playtime!, the player worked flawlessly to playback my media with no problems whatsoever. The only minor flaw with the device is that some slim external hard drive require two usb ports and player only has one. This isn’t a problem if you use a flash drive or external hard drive with separate ac adapter.

As you can see above the icon based menu is easy to navigate. You simply move left to right with the remote.

One point I want to make is that Brite-View has awesome support. They often actively engage consumers about what features they want and add it to their firmware. This is very important as a lot of companies in the media player field will not support their media players after it is purchased.

Brite-View Playtime! is so simple that anyone can buy it and set it up in seconds. The player is compact that it won’t take up space like those large Blu-ray players. And best of all the price of this player is only $60. The ability to playback 1080P video, built in HDMI port, MKV support, and minimalist design makes it a bargain.

9.5 Out of 10

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brite-View Playtime (BV-3100) 1080p HD Multimedia Player – white

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