Feb 05


If you go camping or go to the beach I recommend you check out this next product that I review here. The Cgear Sand-Free Mulitmat is a cool new product that makes it a pleasure to lie down on the ground.

The Cgear Sand-Free Mulitmat is a mat that is used at the beach or while camping. The great thing about this mat is that it has a mesh styling that keeps the dirt and sand off the mat. A normal towel or blanket would keep the dirt and sand where you sit. The Cgear mat with the mesh fabric allows all the sand and dirt to fall through. When not in use it slips into a travel bag for easy carry in your SUV.

I highly recommend this mat for those who want to be comfortable when on vacation going to the park, camping, or to the beach. Now you lie on the sand and not get all the sand on your clothes.

9 Out of 10

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Disclosure: http://cmp.ly/2/bkqyq5

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