Feb 05

ChillBed™ Industries ChillTab2™ Tablet Stand Review

I was looking for a nice stand for my Apple iPad every since I bought it at release. I have seen an assortment of stands but none of them stood out. That was until I found the ChillTab2 Tablet Stand.

The ChillTab2 Tablet Stand works with the iPad, iPad 2 and most of the current crop of Android Tablets on the market. What stands out about the stand is its solid anodized aluminum finish and simple and sleek design. The stand holder has padding so that it doesn’t damage the Tablet and also has room to fit a Tablet that is in a case.

The ChillTab2 allows you to use the Tablet in vertical portrait and landscape mode. This allows you to go from typing out a note in portrait mode then switching to landscape mode to watch a movie on your iPad. It is also great to read magazines and eBooks on the Tablet. I could also see people taking the ChillTab2 while they travel and using the stand in flight while watching a movie or browsing them web.

The ChillBed™ Industries ChillTab2™ Tablet Stand is in my opinion the best stand for your iPad/iPad2/Android Tablets. The stands are built to last and would look great on your kitchen counter as well as your desk. Those who like watching movies on their tablet and reading eBook and Magazines will love this stand. You no longer have to hold the Tablet for long periods of time instead setting the Tablet in the ChillTab2 stand.

9.7 Out of 10

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