Feb 05

Clarivue Garmin nuvi 1370T Screen Protector Ultra Clear Review

I decided to upgrade my GPS and chose a used one from Amazon Marketplace. The Garmin nuvi 1370T was in like new condition when I got it so the next thing was to protect the screen. If you have a GPS system in your car you know that you utilize the touch screen a lot. My old GPS did not have a screen protector applied and the screen looks in terrible shape. That is why I decided on the Clarivue Garmin nuvi 1370T Screen Protector Ultra Clear.

There is some debate if you really need a screen protector or not. I am in the camp that you should get one. I have seen an almost new iPod Touch with a scratch on it. Apple does a good job making scratch resistant screens but still that is not enough. I know lot’s of people who just throw their electronics in their pockets or backpack. So when you buy a new gadget make sure to buy a screen protector with it.

Clarivue has received a lot of positive press for their screen protectors so I wanted to try them myself. Clarivue includes two screen protectors so if you mess up you can try again. They include a cleansing tissue that removes all the dust and grime off the screen before application. Once that is done you align the screen protector to the screen and you’re done.

The Clarivue Garmin nuvi 1370T Screen Protector Ultra Clear is easy to apply and fits nicely in my Garmin Nuvi 1370T. Every since I found Clarivue I have put their screen protectors on all my gadgets.

9.7 Out of 10

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