Feb 05

Declan Premium Microfiber Cloths Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim
$9.99 per two pack

I have a ton of gadgets that seem to collect dust even when I frequently use them. The black glossy gadgets like the iPhone, iPad, HDTV and attract the most dust. I have those small cleaning cloths that come with screen protectors but they are too small to clean my devices. That’s why I was glad to review the Declan Premium Microfiber Cloths.

The Declan Premium Microfiber Cloths comes with several designs to choose from. I chose an assortment from the bunch. Each Pack comes in two so if you lose one you still have a spare. The cleaning cloths are 6×8 inches so it cleans large objects like your big screen TV. The Microfiber Cloth can clean your cell phone, tablet pc, laptop, sunglasses and more.

I hate dust collecting on my gadgets so the Declan Premium Microfiber Cloths keeps my electronics looking new. I recommend this to everyone who owns tech gadgets that collect dust like crazy.

9.7 Out of 10

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