Feb 05

FIVEPOINT Gloves Review

Living in Michigan it gets really cold during the winter months. Well trying to use your iPad or iPhone is a big hassle. That was until the FIVEPOINT Gloves which allow you to use the multi-touch screen on devices like the iPhone 4, iPad, and Android phones.

The FIVEPOINT Gloves are nice looking gloves that keep you warm with lambswool. No need to remove the gloves when you use your devices as this glove is specially made to interact with touch screen technology. The UK made gloves look like regular gloves but provide pinpoint accuracy when tapping on your touch screen device.

I have tried other similar gloves but this one is very fashionable and made of lambswool which adds a bit of luxury to them. I highly recommend you buy these if you have a multi-touch screen device. It really works well and looks very nice as well.

9.5 Out of 10

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Disclosure: http://cmp.ly/1/atz7e1

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