Feb 05

ful Brooklyn 2-in-1 iPad Case/Backpack Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim

I was excited to see a new backpack that can accommodate an iPad and a laptop in one backpack. Ipads have become so popular that you carry around them just as often as you would your laptop. The ful Brooklyn 2-in-1 iPad/laptop backpack is the simple solution to bring with you your essential electronics.

The ful Brooklyn 2-in-1 iPad Case/Backpack is simply stylish and attractive that I can see students carrying to class, businessman carrying for travel, or taking it on the subway or train. When I received the ful Brooklyn backpack I was surprised how large the backpack was. In the pictures online the backpack looks small but in person this is very much a full size adult backpack. I also like the fact that the backpack looks very businesslike that it will never be confused with a child’s backpack.

The ful Brooklyn backpack is filled with features like a Detachable iPad Case. The padded laptop slot fits nicely a 15.4″ Macbook Pro or 15.4″ laptops from Lenovo, Dell, HP and more. The backpack can fit a water bottle on one side pocket and on the other side you can fit your iPhone and mp3 player.

I am so impressed by the ful Brooklyn 2-in-1 iPad Case/Backpack that this is the backpack that I take everywhere. Those who want to carry their laptop, iPad2, iPhone 4, mp3 player, and water bottle in one backpack will love the Brooklyn backpack. It is just about the most perfect backpack I have found so far.
10 out of 10

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ful Brooklyn

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