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Hauppauge Broadway Review

Hauppauge Broadway is a new product that can stream TV over wifi to your Ipad, iPhone 4S or Android Tablet. This product works great when you travel since it can stream TV to your phone over 3G or Tablet if Wifi is available. Now you can watch HD channels from your satellite or Cable through Broadway device.

What’s in the Box

Power supply
TV antenna
Ethernet network cable
CD-ROM with TVCentre 6 software for Windows
IR learning Blaster cable to control the channel changing on a satellite or cable TV set top box
User manual and quick start guide

The Hauppauge Broadway is a Digital TV receiver with a built-in ATSC / clear QAM / analog TV tuner. In addition it has H.264 video encoder and built in 802.11 wireless LAN controller. The encoder will allow you to record streaming TV for later viewing. The Broadways works on both PC and the Mac.

The setup is easy as you simply hookup the Broadway device to your wifi router. I connect either an antenna or my cable coax cable and then connect the eternet to my router. One thing to mention is to use Internet Explorer (Firefox has problems with the website that guides you through the process). I first go to the website http://distan.tv and enter default password Admin. Then I follow the Setup Wizard and when finish scan channells. That is all I have to do and login to the same site on my iPad and do the same wizard setup and now I have streaming TV on my iPad.

Hauppauge Broadway makes your Tablet into a little HDTV with ability to watch your favorite shows on the go or at home. Tablets have really taken off this year but video content is still lacking so the Broadway makes a lot sense. Broadway is the best choice to watch TV on your Tablet or phone.

9.7 Out of 10

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Hauppauge Broadway

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