Feb 05

Hijakker bootable USB Drive with Xubuntu Review

Hijakker is an interesting product that gives you 16GB USB drive loaded with Xubuntu. In addition to having Xubuntu installed you can install Windows operating system using VirtualBox.

Many of us have used Linux Live CD’s to try or utilize for its utilities. Hijakker is similar as you can launch Xubuntu without installing anything to the host PC. The problem with Linux Live CDs is they can only load the OS but can’t save anything for later viewing. Hijakker on the other hand since it’s an USB flash drive can save things you do on the usb disk. This is especially helpful if you use someone else’s computer and surf the net. Using their computer will leave a trace of everything you did. While the Hijakker takes all the info that you did on the drive. The Hijakker can use one 1GB for the OS and 15GB for general storage.

Hijakker allows you to put a Windows (or alternative OS) on to the usb drive. Generally Windows XP will take 4GB and Windows 7 8GB of space on the 16GB drive. To install you must use VirtualBox which completes the install on the flash drive.

Hijakker bootable USB Drive with Xubuntu is helpful tool if you want private browsing while using a friend’s computer. The ability to run Windows XP or 7 is awesome. And the tools that the drive offers can be helpful when you need to troubleshoot your PC.

9 Out of 10

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Hijakker Bootable Windows USB Flash Drive 16 GB

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