Feb 05

Kaz Chillout GF57 Desk Fan Review

College students are about to move in to their dorms so this review is perfect timing. The Chillout GF57 Desk fan is a portable fan that would work well in a small space like an apartment or dorm room setting.

The Chillout Desk Fan is lightweight and made from mostly plastic that is easy to carry. It comes in several color variations which I chose the Blue model. Kaz made the fan easy to use as there are only 3 settings (Off, High, Low). Even though the fan is small it does provide a nice breeze of air in both high and low settings.

The Chillout fan is quiet and provides a nice cooling breeze during the summer heat. Those who don’t have the benefit of air condition will welcome this personal fan. I believe this will be ideal for college students living in a dorm for the first time.

9 Out of 10

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GF57 Desk Fan

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