Feb 05

Latte ICE Smart 8 GB Smart Media Android Tablet Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim
$249 Retail
Although this could be called a mini Tablet; it is more of a new line of Smart Media Player. The Latte ICE Smart is like an iPod Touch but with more versatility, power, and features.

The Latte ICE Smart features a 5 inch display (800 X 480, 16million colors), glossy black finish, and chrome mirror finish sides. The 800 MHz Telechip fast CPU with built-in 3D accelerator can deliver full 1080P video. The ICE Smart has 8GB of internal memory with a MicroSD Slot to add up to 32GB more. The Smart Media Player feels very much like a solid device. The ICE Smart is the perfect size to take anywhere with you in your pocket. I have found 10inch Tablets too big and 3inch Smartphone’s too small for my taste.

The Latte ICE Smart is powered by Android 2.3 which is the same OS you will find in Tablets like the Galaxy Tab, Xoom, Dell Streak and more. This allows it to run a wealth of apps specific to the Android OS. The Android OS allows you try out a ton of apps with the majority of them for free. I tested several games, emulators and various apps and the Latte ICE Smart perform very well.

The ICE Smart uses a resistive touch screen using dual touch technology. This allows the screen to register 2 fingers at one time. The screen works well with a touch of your finger or a stylus. I was surprise that it felt very much like a capacitive multi-touch screen. I played several Android games on the ICE Smart and had no problem with the screen.

You have many options for installing applications from using Google Marketplace and Amazon marketplace which are preinstalled on the device and can be installed using the built in Wifi connection. In addition you can grab an .apk file from a site like Slideme and copy the file over with the included usb cable.

Where the Latte ICE shines the most is it’s advance media player functions. This player can playback 1080P video and output it to the big screen TV. The playback of high definition was flawless with no lag. I tested multiple files and the player just plays them back effortlessly. In addition the player can display all of your pictures and playback your music files.

I like options so Latte Communications offers some optional accessories that will add to the value of the ICE Smart. This includes a nice looking leather case that can protect the player as well as prop it up to watch movies, a stylus, and miniHDMI cable.

If you’re looking for a powerful media player that can do 1080P video as well as install apps then the Latte ICE Smart is right for you. The Latte ICE Smart can do a lot of the things that Tablets can do while being more pocketable. In my opinion the Latte ICE Smart beats the pants off the iPod Touch when it comes to features for an advance media player.

9.5 Out of 10

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Latte ICE Smart 8 GB Smart Media Tablet

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