Feb 05

Swiftpoint Mouse Review

I have a Netbook that is small and easy to carry so I wanted a mouse that I can travel with. The Swiftpoint Mouse is a perfect companion to a Netbook or laptop. This is a small Wireless, rechargeable optical mouse.

Let’s face it the touchpad on laptops suck terribly for a mouse. That’s why the Swiftpoint Mouse is such a great product to remedy this. The Swiftpoint Mouse has a Natural pen-like grip with padded thumb and finger grips. The mouse can dock into your usb drive to charge the built in battery. The Swiftpoint is plug_and_play so simply plug it in and it will work. The SlideScroll is used for rapidly scrolling, zooming and paging.

Swiftpoint Mouse is the perfect laptop mouse that is very accurate and small enough to slide into your laptop case. The Swiftpoint mouse is the perfect alternative to the touchpad that is not some much fun to use. Swiftpoint mouse is available now for $69.

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Disclosure: Given a review unit

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