Feb 05

Thumb Keyboard for Tablets Review

I stumbled upon one of the coolest accessories for Tablets, the Thumb Keyboard. Now I have seen tons of Bluetooth keyboards in the past but this one stands out from the rest. It is sleek, thin, and stylish to pair with your Tablet or other Bluetooth device.

The Thumb Keyboard is designed like a game controller only slimmer. The keyboard is full featured with full QWERTY keyboard, left and right mouse buttons, touchpad in back and function keys. The Bluetooth pairs with your Tablet such as the iPad. You can also use it with the PS3, Android Tablets, mobile phones and more.

While lots of new devices are touch based, a physical keyboard is always better especially when you need to type a long note. The Thumb Keyboard is ergonomic and fits my hands perfectly.

The Thumb Keyboard is a great accessory to take with you on business trips with your iPad. You can be productive typing out emails and word processing. The Thumb Keyboard is compact and slim and can be used with many different devices. It is a great companion to your Tablet.

9.8 Out of 10

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