Jul 18

iLLumiShield – Martian Notifier Screen Protector Review

I just bought my first SmartWatch and was looking to protect the screen since it doubles a button. The Martian Notifier is the latest SmartWatch with a click-able screen. The click-able screen had me worried that I might scratch the crystal. I decided right away that I needed a screen protector to protect my investment.

The iLLumiShield – Martian Notifier Screen Protector is precise cut to fit the watch crystal of the Martian Notifier. The screen protector includes an applicator card, cleaning cloth and instructions. The package includes three screen protectors for the price of $3.95 plus shipping.

The application of the screen protection was very simple and should be done in a clean environment such as a steamy bathroom. The iLLumiShield – Martian Notifier Screen Protector is ultra clear that I could not even tell that there was a screen protector on the screen.

ILLumiShield protects the Martian Notifier crystal from scratches and dust. I put screen protector on all my devices and when I decide to resell the item I get more money. In addition the screen protector just offers that added protection when you mishandled your devices. Overall the iLLumiShield – Martian Notifier Screen Protector is well worth the $4 price tag.

10 out of 10

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