Aug 04

The Menopod™ incorporates patented technology, providing nearly instant cooling relief. The Menopod™ cools within seconds to 5 degrees Celsius (41 degrees Fahrenheit), and when applied to the neck, helps alleviate the severity of hot flashes.

This elegant device is portable and offers convenient and quick USB charging capabilities. Along with its sleek and beautiful look, the Menopod™ is durable and easy to operate.

$179.99 CAD Buy it now HERE

Aug 04

Cardboard pinball machine
Playing pinball game on the smartphone is just not as great as playing pinball made from your own hands. This is the idea of this pinball machine made from cardboard.

Think outside the box—build a DIY pinball machine with it. This Made in the USA kit comes with everything you need to build a full-fledged machine with cardboard. Build, customize obstacles, then decorate. You won’t need batteries, tools, or screens—just some ready-to-fold hands.

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May 01

EARIN M-1 Wireless Earbuds $50 price drop
EARIN M-1 Wireless Earbuds price drops the earbuds to $149.99 from $199.99. The new lower price is to make way for the new EARIN M-2 the next generation in the company’s line of True Wireless Earbuds, and on the heels of becoming the official audio partner for Red Bull Racing, the popular Formula One team.

Featuring a fashion-forward Scandivian design, the M-1 earbuds are the definition of true wireless, combining form and function with the most immersive sound imaginable. Perfect for listening to music on the go, every component has been designed and engineered to reduce the size and weight to the absolute minimum so users can focus on the sound.

Included in the sleek packaging are the Earin M-1 earbuds and charging capsule, Comply™ Foam Tips to ensure a perfect fit and high quality audio, stabilizers for an extra secure fit, and a micro USB charging cable.

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Apr 25

mophie powerstation Boost XL External Battery for Universal Smartphones and Tablets (10,400mAh) – Black Review
If you are looking for a external battery for your phone or tablet then there is no better name in the market than Mophie. This Powerstation Boost Xl features a 10,400mAh which boasts up to 48 hours of additional battery life.

Mophie is the best selling brand for external battery and trusted by many. The company backs this battery with a 2 year warranty. The battery comes in black and is a bit weighty but not too bad. It had no trouble charging up my Galaxy S6 right up. The company triple test each battery for safety and reliability. This is especially important with all the recent news of batteries exploding.

Amazon sells the mophie powerstation Boost XL External Battery for Universal Smartphones and Tablets (10,400mAh) – Black for $50 and is well worth the price. Buy it now HERE

Jan 17

STYR Bottle
STYR Bottle is the first water bottle that tracks your daily consumption of water. The smart bottle uses an app to track your drink consumption. The STYR Bottle uses Bluetooth and an indication on the cap to track you daily water intake using your phone. The STYR bottle is available now for $49.

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Jan 05

Fove starts shipping to Kickstarter backers
The $599 eye tracking VR headset is now shipping to Kickstarter backers. Those that did not get in early can still get the headset for a February 2017 delivery.

Dec 29

Toshiba Canvio Basics 1TB Portable Hard Drive – Black (HDTB310XK3AA) Review
I owned a USB 2.0 external 1TB hard drive a few years ago and it was huge with it’s own ac adapter. Now we have much more compact USB external drives. Take for example this Toshiba Canvio Basics 1TB Portable Hard Drive – Black (HDTB310XK3AA) that is about the size of a deck of cards. The hard drive uses the latest USB 3.0 protocol and transfers takes much less time than USB 2.0. The Toshiba Canvio Basics 1TB Portable Hard Drive comes in a black plastic enclosure that feels pretty solid. Make sure you have a USB 3.0 port on your desktop or laptop, they are usually blue in color.

Overall a great USB external drive to add a little bit more space to your desktop or laptop. The Canvio Basics will set you back $54.99 for the 1TB version or you can buy the higher for a little more.

Buy it now HERE

Dec 28

Firewater is a water bottle that doubles as a solar lantern. The Firewater water bottle features the extra feature of being a highly capable solar lantern with 50-100 lumens. The light has 3 settings that include high, low and flashing. The light will run 5 hours on high and 12 hours on low setting. If you do not have time to charge it by solar energy you can charge by USB.

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Dec 28

Anker PowerHouse Portable Power Source
Anker presents the ultimate portable power source with an amazing 434Wh (appx.120,000mAh!) of power that can power your mobile phones, devices and laptops many times over. The portable power source is perfect for camping or when you have power outages and need to charge your device or medical devices. The Anker PowerHouse features four (5V) USB ports, 12V car socket and a 110V AC outlet.

All this power will cost you though at the portable PowerHouse will set you back almost $400. You can buy the Anker PowerHouse Portable Power Source HERE or through Amazon HERE

Nov 18

BizonBOX 3
BizonBOX 3 is an external eGPU for your laptop to play games and for VR use. The weakest link in most laptops is the weak graphics cards that are usually integrated Intel graphics. BizonBox features a Thunderbolt 2 box and the new Thunderbolt 3 box for enhanced gaming, performance and VR. This is the best way to turn your laptop into a powerful desktop replacement with Desktop quality graphics. You can also use the boost in performance for professional applications that demand powerful graphics.

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