Feb 05

Kindle Touch discontinued


Amazon did not want to sell two competing products so the Kindle Touch had to go. The Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Touch are very similar black and white eReaders. The Paperwhite has some upgraded features but also has some features like less storage and higher price than the Kindle Touch.

Feb 05

AirBuds – The Most Comfortable Earbuds Review


The most used earphones have to be the ones Apple includes for free.  The Apple earbuds are very popular because they are free.  But unlike the devices it sells the Apple Earbuds are made of plastic and feel uncomfortable after a certain amount of time.  This is why I was on a quest to find quality metal earbuds that fit in with the iOS products I own.

The Airbuds looks like there were designed for iPhones, iPods, and iPads.  The metal constructions along with foam ear tips give it a premium feel that Apple is known for.  The Airbuds are earbuds for iphone as it has a built in mic making good use of the iPhone 5 features.  The included 3 pairs of memory foam tips make sure you have a perfect fit each time.  The Sweat-resistant ear pieces allow you to take them to the gym while you workout.  And the tangle resistant flat cable allows you to move around without getting all tangled up.

The Airbuds deliver where it counts and that’s superb sound quality that you rarely see in a less than $100 pair of earbuds.  While I believe the recent iPad Mini was way overpriced, I found the Airbuds to be a great value and best bang for your buck at this price range.  The sound quality and ability to make and receive calls make this an awesome earphone to pair with the iPhone.  The comfortable earbuds will allow you to wear them all day without ear discomfort.

In this Airbuds Review I found a perfect earbuds/headset that delivers in features such as great sound, great construction, and excellent design.  I now can listen to my music without ear discomfort.  With the holidays quickly approaching I recommend you buy these as stocking stuffers while you shop for tech toys like tablets.

9.7 Out of 10

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Feb 05

LaptopMag iPad mini Hands-on

LaptopMag has gone hands on with the iPad Mini. The website got a short time with the new Apple device. The iPad Mini goes on sale at a starting price of $329.

Feb 05

iPad Mini with LTE starts shipping on Nov 23rd


The LTE version of the iPad Mini will ship on November 23rd.  But considering this is also black friday they might ship the LTE a little earlier.

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Feb 05

iPhone 5 to launch in India, Greece and Thailand next Friday


Apple is sending out the next round of sales overseas.  Next Friday November 2nd we will see the iPhone 5 in India, Greece and Thailand.

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Feb 05

Eureka AirSpeed Bagged Upright Vacuum


Amazon has the Eureka AirSpeed Bagged Upright Vacuum for $118.99.  You save 21% off the retail price of $118.99.

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Eureka AirSpeed Bagged Upright Vacuum, AS1051A

Feb 05

Free Amazon MP3 Credit: Any Song Up to $1.29 in Value (Facebook Required)

Amazon is offering a free MP3 Credit when you share your favorite party song on Facebook.  Click here
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Feb 05

Woodees iPic Stylus Review



Apple has made the iOS devices such as the iPad and iPhone into mini instruments.  You can run several apps that can fake guitars, drums, and the piano.  Woodees thought up a cool product for those who wish to play guitar on the iPad or iPhone.
The Woodees iPic Stylus looks like a hybrid of a guitar pic and stylus and that is exactly what it is.  You run a guitar app on your iOS device and you can strum the guitar like a real pro.  In addition the iPic Stylus makes a decent stylus to navigate the iOS operating system.  The iPic is priced at only $15 and is available now.
If you want a cool stylus and iPic for all of the guitar apps in the App Store then you should get the Woodees iPic Stylus now.  The styluses are great travel stylus as well as you can stick it in a pocket and then tap on the iPhone when you need it.

9.5 Out of 10

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Woodees WMIPBK iPic Multi Purpose Pick Stylus – Black

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Feb 05

A nicely done product Stylus Handpad Review


The Apple iPad is a great product but it was meant to be used with the finger navigation.  The problem is if you have big fingers your accuracy is way off.  This is where capacitive stylus come in as they are more accurate that the finger.  A nicely done product Stylus Handpad solves one of the biggest problems using a stylus and that is resting your palm on the iPad.

The A nicely done product Stylus Handpad consists of a stylus and a handpad to rest your palm why scribbling.  This product will appeal to artists, note takers, and Photoshop users.  The stylus and handpad make drawing, taking notes, and editing photos on the iPad great.

I highly recommend the A nicely done product Stylus Handpad as a perfect tool for your new iPad.  It works great when you are drawing on the touchscreen of the iPad.  The Stylus Handpad is available now for only $12 each and would make great stocking stuffers.

9.2 Out of 10

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Feb 05

Apple loses case to sell iPhone in Mexico

A court ruled that the iPhone name was too closely similar to the Mexican telecommunications company iFone, which registered the name in 2003.  Apple attempted to register “iFone” name in 2009 and wanted the telecommunications company to stop using it.  The tables were turned when the Mexican telecommunications company countersued as they own the trademark for iFone since 2003.  The company won the case and now Apple will have to pay and cannot sell the iPhone in Mexico unless an appeals court overrules the case.

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