Oct 14

Jabra Steel – Toughest Wireless Headset

Jabra introduces a new headset for construction workers and trade people. The toughest wireless headset is dust proof, water proof and shock resistant. Jabra is so confident in it’s new headset that it’s backed by a 5 year warranty.

Key features of the Jabra Steel include:

Jabra’s toughest wireless headset ever developed
Supreme call quality, particularly in construction environments
Large buttons for easy control
Dust, water and shock resistant to US military standards
Extra services via the Jabra Assist app: find my headset, set-up guide, battery life and more
30m/98ft operating range (*phone dependent)
Up to 6 hours talk time, 10 days standby time
Weighing only 10 grams
Industry-leading 5-year warranty
Jabra Steel will launch exclusively at RadioShack.com beginning November 16 for a suggested retail price of $99.

Oct 11

Roger Ximenez Mock Croc iPad Leather Sleeve

This Roger Ximenez Mock Croc iPad Leather Sleeve is the perfect way to display your iPad. The mock croc leather is durable and stylish. The handmade case fits either the iPad Air, iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini models. Choose between the Black or Brown leathers coupled with the popular cobalt stitching.

Fits iPad Air, iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini models
100% Calf Leather
Handcrafted and Made to Order
Made in the USA
Black or Brown
Cobalt Stitching

$99 Buy it now HERE

Oct 07

Pakpod now on Kickstarter

Pakpod is the next generation tripod for Smartphones, GoPro, and SLRs. The Pakpod is slim enough to carry in your pack and versatile enough to work with your action camera. The Pakpod features spider-like capabilities and patent-pending staking design.

Three flip-out stakes combined with legs that lock into wildly asymmetrical positions means it attaches to rock walls, sailboat masts, bike handlebars, drones, jungle vines, car hoods, fences of all sorts, underneath kayaks, uneven driftwood, baby swings, boulders and more.


Lightweight: 15.5 oz
Length when folded: 12.75″
Waterproof and freezeproof
Patented, one-twist locking system
Legs rapidly extend and retract with the push of a button
Legs move indendently through 180 degree of motion
Rotating feet stake into grass, dirt, sand and snow
36 tie-down points
MSRP $99

Back this project now on Kickstarter HERE

Oct 01

Consol Solar Jar Review

Consol Solar Jar is a cool product out of South Africa. The Consol Solar Jar was originally designed for people in areas without electricity. The Consola Solar Jar stores energy during the day and releases light during the night. The Console Solar Jar is made up of a traditional mason jar with lid and solar-powered LEDs, which are charged by solar cells in its lid. It is simple to use as you simple flip the unique magnetic switch and the light turns on.

Handmade to a high standard
Preserve jar 100% recyclable
Made with 70% local materials
Creates steady jobs
Winner of five design awards

The Consol Solar Jar is perfect for camping, outdoors, at the table and more. The light reflects the jar and creates a unique lighting experience. You can buy a few and create a unique lighting experience at a party event.

Consol Solar Jar is great idea for a gift and has many uses. I use this at the dining room table, in the backyard while working on the garden as it gets dark, and while camping. The solar cells charge up quick and the light output is pretty good for it’s size.

Buy it now here
Consol Solar Jar – Solar-powered LED Lantern & Table Light

Disclosure: Manufacture supplied review unit. Affiliate link.

Sep 30

Stilo Fine-Tip Active Stylus Pen Review

I have tried a few active stylus pens for capacitive screen devices and have been disappointed. I thought I would give a new one on the market a shot. The Stilo Pen is an active fine-tip stylus that is battery powered and paired with a precision screen protector. I tested this with a Ipad Mini and the results were good.

I like that Stilo Pen uses a single AAA battery rather than a coin battery that will cost more to replace. You can also use a rechargeable AAA battery and save buying batteries all the time. The stylus has a 1.9mm fine tip rather than a nub like other stylus for capacitive touchscreens. This allows you to write notes naturally and even draw.

Stilo Pen includes an optional screen protector that pairs with the active stylus. The screen protector is only $20 additional and I highly recommend it as it was an improvement in the experience of the stylus.

The Stilo Pen is the best stylus I have tested on a capacitive screen device. Most of the active stylus pens on the market are bulky and not very accurate. The Stilo Pen is truly the first active stylus that I really like and can jot down notes and draw with. The Stilo Pen is a bit pricy at $69.99 but well worth the upgrade for serious professionals that need a precision pen for their iPad, iPhone or touchscreen device.

9.5 Out of 10

Buy it now here
Stilo – World’s Best Fine Point Active Stylus for iPad, iPhone, and Galaxy Tablets – No delay, no lag, no skipping. Natural feel. White

Disclosure: Manufacture supplied review sample. Affiliate link.

Sep 24

KEYKLIP – Carabiner + Key Holder now available on Kickstarter

The KEYKLIP is now available on Kickstarter and already has been funded with $13,108 in funding. The campaign has not ended yet so you can still preorder a KEYKLIP HERE

KEYKLIP is a simple and easy way to hold your keys and features a Carabiner to clip to your pants. The KEYKLIP is made of anodized aluminum and steel hardware and an added bonus features a bottle opener to open up your beer bottle on the go.

You can still order a KEYKLIP for as little as $29 HERE

Sep 08

Jabra Eclipse Wireless Headset new lightweight in-ear headset

Say goodbye to bulky and ugly headsets and say hello to the Jabra Eclipse. The Jabra Eclipse is a lightweight in-ear headset that is sleek and delivers the goods in the audio department. The headset weighs a mere 5.5 grams.

The Eclipse also offers premium music-grade speaker and 10 hours of talk time. Jabra’s noise cancellation technologies keeps the harsh environment out of your ears so you can talk to the person on the other line. The Jabra Eclipse features a simple tap function with no buttons or switches. Finally the Eclipse includes a carrying case that doubles as a portable charger that gives the headset up to an additional seven hours of talk time. Jabra continues to innovate new and exciting wireless headsets while the rest of the industry plays catch-up.

Check out Jabra for more information HERE

Sep 04

My Mold Detective

My Mold Detective is a DIY solution to find mold in your home. My Mold Detective lets you test for mold in a way that’s easy, accurate, and much less expensive than calling in an indoor air quality (IAQ) professional.

This mold kit includes professional lab testing and a report that interprets the results for you. The kit starts at $54.95 at Grommet HERE

Sep 01

Nextbit Robin Smartphone

Your next smartphone may come from Kickstarter as a new startup launches it’s first Smartphone on Kickstarter. The Nextbit Robin Smartphone could give the OnePlus Two a run for it’s money. The Robin Smartphone features 5.2 inch display, 1080p screen, 13 megapixel camera, USB-C, a Snapdragon processor and 32GB of storage.

Processor: Snapdragon 808
Memory: 3GB RAM / 32 GB onboard / 100 GB online
Screen: 5.2” IPS LCD 1080p
Rear Camera: 13MP with phase detection autofocus, dual tone flash
Front camera: 5MP
Battery: 2680 mAh
Dual front facing stereo speakers
Fingerprint sensor
Quick charging
Bluetooth 4.0 LE
GSM 850/900/1800/1900
WCDMA 850/900/1800/1900/2100
LTE Bands 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/17/20/28
Dimensions: 149mm x 72mm x 7mm
GPS enabled

Check out the Kickstarter page HERE

Sep 01

Arrow Project Self-Balance Board Scooter / White

Say HELLO to This self-balancing board, its a smart electric board scooter. With enough power to go up to 20KM/10 MPH and 12-15KM/12 miles on one charge, this Self-Balance Board Scooter is the easiest and most fun form of personal transportation.

Buy it now for $699 HERE