Friday, April 11, 2008

Amazon and Walmart rebate for HD-DVD buyers

Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy are several companies rebating the losers of the high definition format wars.

Many of the rebate offers vary, but Amazon is issuing a rebate to those customers who bought an HD DVD player before February 23rg with an $50 credit, no strings attached. Wal-Mart is issuing a full refund to any customer that bought an HD DVD player before November 1st of 2007 but the offer expires on April 30th so you better hurry, and you better find that receipt.

As reported here on GameSHOUT, Best Buy is offering a $50 gift card to anyone who bought their HD DVD player before midnight CST on February 22nd. This includes most Toshiba models and also the Xbox 360 HD DVD drive but Best buy is letting you keep the HD DVD player and letting you keep the gift card too.

via Gameshout

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