Monday, April 7, 2008

MacBook and MacBook Pro refresh

AppleInsider has a rumor that the MacBook and MacBook Pro will be seeing a major overhaul. First the MacBook's two consumer 13 inch laptops will move to aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel rather than the original plastic. This will keep in line with their new Greener Apple.

The MacBook Pro is also looking at new Design changes taking cues from the MacBook Air and Aluminum iMacs. It's presumed this will include instances of matte black on portions of the casings, oversized trackpads, and the adoption of the MacBook Air's keyboard by the MacBook.

While the footprint of the 13-, 15-, and 17-inch systems will remain largely unchanged, Apple will reportedly be free to perform some trimming around the edges, similar to -- but nowhere near the same magnitude -- as what was accomplished with the MacBook Air, and to a lesser extent, the rear of the aluminum iMacs.

via Apple Insider via GearDiary
via MacUpdates