Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Onda VX757 reviewed has reviewed the non touchscreen Onda VX757 and gave it a mostly positive rating.

If you like VX747, you should seriously consider the VX757. I own a VX747 and I can totally see why Onda comes out with this non-touch screen version. With VX747, I find it not always easy to selecta file at the top of the list with my fingertip. Without proceeding with caution, I tend to get the second file with my fat-finger (of course you canuse the stylus but such inconvenience). VX757 is also less prone to involuntary activating the screen while playing music, saving you power for longer playtime. Having push-button gives you better control for gaming and while driving (please, no gaming and driving at the same time). To me, not having a built-in speaker is not a loss since the quality of such a small speaker cannot be that great anyway. It would be nice if they replace the screen with LTPS but I will not lose sleep over it since this is just a 3” screen. How much detail do you really need? With the price tags slightly lower than VX747, I would definitely recommend the Onda VX757 to anyone shopping for a MP4 player.

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