Thursday, June 5, 2008


Web conferencing is the most important aspect of the daily business communication. People are using this service for expanding their inherited business or to make their business grow. In this aspect conference call is making a good use of web conferencing. They provide the better medium to interact with the audience and the presenter in a more understandable way. As a result many conference call services are getting in to the market.

Ø Some of the developing features of web conferencing: -

¨ All the web conferencing is either done with the help of presentation which are made in the PowerPoint or with the help of video conferencing. Also a real time communication is audio filed had emerged as a good option. People can interact using the headphone or directly with mike and speakers.

¨ There is also a provision of the web tour from where the user can go for the description of the data, sessions; cookies on every URL and this help them to make a click on the new features or to log on to the attractive sites. This helps the user in participating with the website and making their responses and queries online only.

¨ Another feature is the use of the whiteboard with the help of footnotes which helps the presenter to go for the highlighting the data or specified items on the slides basis. Another live question and answer interaction which is done with the help of the text chat. Different polls are created and respective surveys are conducted and different choices of the people are taken to get the right choice.

¨ Most important feature is the use of the screen sharing application which help the audience to view anything present in the slides and can be shown on to the screen.