Tuesday, October 7, 2008

jRin reviews Dell Mini 9

Over at jRin.net you can read a review of the Dell Mini 9 netbook. Based on the review it was not too positive. Here are his thoughts:

Would I keep it? No. I like the acer aspire one better — I like it’s keyboard, and larger 120gb storage space. Had the Dell had a normal laid out keyboard and/or a larger hard drive, I would keep it over my AAO because I like the battery life, it stays quieter, the actual keys on the keyboard are nicer, and it’s much easier to upgrade. Would I recommend someone else to get it over other netbooks? If the keyboard won’t bother you, sure — It’s cheap enough, and has better battery life than the others I’ve reviewed (and read about), but for me, it comes down to the keyboard. But with all things considered (other than the keyboard layout), it’s not much different (better/worse) than the other netbooks out there — at this point, I’d say it’s which looks better, and cheaper at the time.

Read entire review HERE