Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dell Mini 12 released in U.S.A

Today Dell Computers has released the Dell Inspiron Mini 12 in the U.S. market. While online shopping at Dell's website I noticed that the Dell Mini 12 product page went up. In the past the Dell Mini 12 was only available in Japan. Well today they have released the product in North America.

Prices for the Dell Mini 12 start at $549 to $649. The base unit comes with a 1.33GHZ Atom processor with 40GB Hard Drive, and 3 cell battery. While the midrange bumps to 1.6ghz, 60gb hard drive, and 6 cell battery. And the top end model adds the largest 80gb hard drive and 2 year warranty.

You can order now at Dell's Online shop HERE