Saturday, May 31, 2008


If one think that the web conferencing is merely for the gigantic shots, one has mistaken. One’s home production will have giant improvement if one is using web conferencing to talk about manufactured goods details with one’s suppliers and users. Certainly, for this category of free conference one will need free of charge web conferencing solutions that will agree to quite a few features, such as presentations over power point, and file sharing.

In one’s RTW approach and accessories, one need loads of product appearance to one’s clients. This is also a successful technique to show one’s skilled workers how one wants them to come to an end of a piece of jewelry with not going to the shop. One can work at home devoid of intermissions; work with ten of one’s employees, and than also keep a watch on home and fireside. Above all this, one can use the submission to share pictures with the family members.

Web conferencing salespersons present a variety of services for well-organized video conferences. WebEx is one of the web conferencing service, which can be without difficulty administered, as it is price-efficient than other entity services proposed. Competitors such as Raindance and Placeware have grown up in the current past, and tried to get better their software to make it look improved, in order that the web conferencing software can go along with other applications also.

Conference call service contributors are those who facilitate the fundamental service for consultation calls, whichever on web conferencing application software’s or on a proportional near to the ground cost acoustic conferencing for online consultation call meetings. They make available highly developed teleconferencing stands for customers to put international telephone calls to anyplace in the world. With these characteristics and calling becomes supple, the phone communication costs can be with no trouble condensed by 90% over the customary telephone companies.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

V2 850Mhz Triband 1.3" Touch Screen Cell Phone and MP3 Watch

Cell phone plus watch and you have the V2. This version is the US model which has the 850mhz and 1900mhz bands for T-mobile and At&t. The watch phone also has Transflash slot, MP3/MP4 support, transflash slot, 1.3mp camera, and fm radio. That's alot of tech inside. Though it's that pretty of a gizmo unless your a Geek.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The lightsabre keychain

This cheap $2 keychain has an LED light that may remind some of a miniature lightsabre for your pocket. Perfect gift for all those Jedi Knights out there.

- A cool carry-around lightsabre
- Perfect for camping, cross country skiing, fishing and other outdoor activities that might require signaling between you and your friends
- Also a perfect safety marker for bikers
- Powered by 4 x AG3 button batteries (included)

Product Page HERE

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

CECT Wrist is an ugly monstrosity

This CECT Wrist mobile phone/watch has to be one of the ugliest watches I've ever seen. With that said if your in the market for a cell phone/watch combo then you will appreciate the features such as quad band for U.S. use, 1.3" LCD touchscreen display, and even a video player on it's small screen.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Awang A9000 is AT&T; 8925 clone

China is past just cloning the iPhone and have started cloning Windows Mobile phones. The Awang A9000 looks almost identical to the 8925 except for maybe the hard buttons on the screen. The A9000 even has an Windows Mobile theme to make it even more similar. Other features include 3 inch tiltable touchscreen display, tv tuner, microsd slot and dual sims. The Awang A9000 will set you back $189.00.

Product Page HERE

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Raon Digital adds 32GB SSD model

Raon Digital adds a new version of it's UMPC that features 528MHz Geode LX900, 512MB RAM, 4.8" screen along with the 32GB SSD and built-in SayDic dictionary with text-to-speech functionality. The Raon Digital Everun S32S as it will be called will be priced at 867,000 KRW (about $830).

The Everun S32S Dic is available now at the Korean Site Vega Mall HERE

via Pocketables

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Custom Black iPhones and iPods

(Credit: Uncrate)
If you like the look of the leaked photos of the upcoming iPhone. Then why not get your current iPhone, iPod touch, or Nano pimped out in a similar fashion. Unlike services that just do custom paint jobs. Knight Creations' actually upgrades parts with replacement parts such as anodized aluminum back and TiAIN-treated Apple logo and front bezel. You have the option of upgrading your current iPhone and iPods. Or purchasing a brand new model that has already been customized.

Product Page HERE

via Uncrate