Friday, August 29, 2008

Research what laptop is right for me

I have been planning to upgrade my old laptop for awhile now. But before I go out and purchase a $1,000 computer I have to do my do diligence in finding the best notebook for me. So I went online to find places I can get the latest information on laptops and laptop reviews. Here is the information I have gathered from around the net.

If you’re looking for inexpensive budget friendly laptop then maybe a Cheap Benq Laptops peaks your interest. It has a 2.4GHZ, 513mb ram, 60 GB hard drive, with a 15.2" LCD. All that for a fair price. Also take a look at these Useful Laptop Articles. They provide a wealth of information on the latest laptops and comparisons. This makes my decision a whole lot easier for me.

Another option might be these EI Systems laptops. There is an EI System Laptop Reviews here that can provide more information on this nice laptop.

At the end of day I would recommend to research and find what works for you. Think of the price, specs, and brand and make a wise decision with a laptop that will last a couple of years. There are a ton of laptops; you just have decided which one is right one for you.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

OQO 02 now with Atom chip inside?

UMPCportal has posted a pic of the OQO 02 now with Atom chip at the IDF show. Dennis Moore CEO of OQO goes into more detail at OQOTalk.

Yes, indeed, that is an OQO prototype shown with an Intel(r) Atom(r) processor. Intel is showcasing the OQO prototype in a couple of their keynotes and elsewhere at IDF because we have achieved by far the best performance with their processor in our technology demonstration.

Note that this is not a product launch or announcement, but is a demonstration of what we think an Intel Atom processor should do in a product targeting users who need the ultimate in mobile productivity, and demonstrates all the areas where OQO has led the market for years -- performance, battery life, thermals, usability, design, and form factor. While there are other small and light devices using Intel's Atom processor, none of them comes close to the performance and productivity we are showing with this technology demonstration.

via UMPCPortal via OQOTalk

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Oppo Gaming MP4 Player

Oppo has a new Gaming handheld in the works that looks like one bit iRiver Wing with a flip and rotating screen. This will be their flagship player under their "Smart" series of MP4 players. Not a whole lot of details so stay tuned...

via Zol