Friday, September 26, 2008

Lenovo S10 shows up on

The Lenovo S10 has a page on CircuitCity with a coming soon. This is much better than buying from Lenovo who has poor customer service. No word on when this is selling. The model listed is for 160gb version but no bluetooth.

Product Page HERE

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The switch to digital is on - Get a plasma tv

2009 the switch to digital TV is on. If you having been living under a rock. You've seen those commercials for DTV (Digital TV transition). On February 19, 2009 all analog TV will be gone replaced by digital. Since TV is changing. Why not get rid of that old TV and go plasma to watch all the high def programming.

Plasma TV is the way to go. I go less to the theaters and save money as I watch all my high def blu ray movies on my 42 inch Panasonic plasma TV. It's like being at the theatre without actually going. You save money and can watch high definition movies and television all the time.

Take a look at these Benq Plasma Screen Reviews. The BenQ PDP46W1S 46" Plasma TV and BenQ PDP46W1 Plasma Screen TV are two awesome plasma to start your home entertainment system.

If you want big and I mean big then take a look at these 50 Inch Plasma TVs. And spending 2 grand on a TV. You want to do some research. Well then take a look at Plasma TV Best Buys. If you haven’t gone out a get a good plasma TV yet then your missing out on great fun. There is nothing better than watching TV on a big screen.

Back to school Laptops

School has restarted so it is time to get your kid a good laptop to go off to college. Now that there are all these laptops out there it's hard to decide which one to get. Well I am here to help with your back to school guide to get a good laptop for all your note taking, projects, and classwork you will have to do on a computer.

Samsung are the leaders in technology. And have some of the best laptops around. Check out this Samsung Q70 Laptop Review of this well spec'd laptop. It features a 13.3" widescreen display, a dual core Intel processor, and Nvidia Geforce which will be great for gaming. This laptop has great multimedia qualities that make it great to watch movies on. Also take a look and Compare Samsung Laptops.

Another option for back to school would be a Sharp laptop. Take a look at these Sharp Laptop Reviews and compare which one is best for you. A budget laptop like the Sharp PC AX20 would be an excellent choice. There are so many choices to pick from. You just have to find the one that best fits your needs. And I’m sure you will make the right decision.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


I have 4 or 5 of those old TV’s but want to upgrade to flat panel LCD's. With HD becoming more and more popular and the switch to digital next year, the time is now to refit my house with some LCD TV's. It actually took a great of time deciding which Plasma to purchase so purchase more secondary LCD TV's will be the same process. Here are my thoughts on options I may consider.

For the kid’s room I would recommend a 15 inch LCD TV like this Grundig GU15WDPCX LCD TV. The Grundig is HDTV ready with 720P support. The TV also has a digital tuner so you can watch all the freeview channels without spending a cent.

Since I have a Panasonic Plasma TV I plan on looking at these Panasonic LCD TV Reviews to consider a smaller TV for my bedroom. Though I may consider a bigger 40 Inch LCD Screens TV since my master bedroom is quite large and could accommodate the larger screen.

Some of the decisions on what LCD TV I would like are brand, price, and HDTV readiness. A Panasonic or Sony maybe more costly. So I may consider a lesser brand if the price is right.

Gemei A-300 I-Touch with Capacitive Touch Screen

Gemei has a new touchscreen player that may rival the Teclast T50. The Gemei A-300 will come with a capacitive touch screen, 3 inch display, and (1024 x 552) RMVB playback. It will also have TV-Out to watch on the big screen.

via IMP3

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Gift Guide

Gifts are always a difficult thing to think about. Whether it's someone's birthday, Father's Day, Mother's Day, or a gift for a special someone deciding the perfect gift is always a hard decision. And you definitely don't want to give a lame gift that probably get exchange or never used.

I think a perfect gift for all occasion and ages is a good digital camera. Pretty much everyone needs a good camera to shoot of their friends and family. And the prices have gone done to the point that it's an affordable gift giving choice.

Now the decision is what digital camera and brand are the best. Seeing this is a gift you don't want to break the bank but not cheap enough to be low quality.

Here are some of the Digital Cameras I have been looking at. First the Samsung S750 Compact Digital Camera , a compact digital camera with 7.2 mega pixel resolution, 3X optical zoom, 2.5" inch screen with 230,000 pixels resolution. The camera also comes with easy to get AA batteries support for MMC, SD, and SDHC.

Also check out these Panasonic Digital Camera Reviews. Panasonic cameras are known for their excellent lens and build quality.

And finally check out the Latest Vivitar Digital Cameras for those looking for a cheaper option.