Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Animated Driving LED Emoticon

Nothing is worse than keeping it all bottled up tight - you need to let loose a little and tell others how you really feel. This device allows you to push a button and share your sentiments with the people behind you. Yes, we're sure you already have a few ways of your own to do this already - but this device adds some technology to your message.

The Animated Driving LED Emoticon simply fixes to the inside of the rear car window using a power suction cup. It's remote control is mounted on the front windscreen (using power suction cup) or optionally can be stowed in a front compartment (it's mounting bracket can be removed). With the remote control fixed to the front windscreen, pressing it’s buttons to activate the different messages is very simple to operate. The main unit is powered by 4 AA batteries - there is no long wire to the cigarette lighter. Batteries last for approximately 4 month's depending on usage.

Product Page HERE