Feb 05

EFO Mini Rollable Bluetooth Keyboard for Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim

I always wanted to try one of these rollable keyboards and this Bluetooth one is even better. The Rollable keyboard is one of the few that features Bluetooth and can be used with laptops, iPads, iPhone and Smartphone’s. The compact size of the keyboard and construction makes it perfect for travel.

The keyboard came in rolled up in its packaging. The keyboard comes with usb cable to charge the keyboard and manual. The silicone keyboard is feels as comfortable to use as my PC keyboard. Since it’s made of silicone it is virtually indestructible and waterproof. The Bluetooth is built into the left side which also houses the built in battery. There is an on/off switch and pairing with a device only takes a few steps.

This EFO Mini Rollable Bluetooth Keyboard is awesome for those who travel a lot. I use the iPad with a stand and this Keyboard and it feels like I’m using a laptop. In addition when using this with a iPhone or Smartphone it makes typing out text much easier while surfing the net or typing out notes. I highly recommend this keyboard for those want a small Bluetooth keyboard for use with iPads and iPhones.

9.2 Out of 10

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Disclosure: http://cmp.ly/2/h2svvi

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