Feb 08

My Most-Used Apps

I think one of the coolest things about smartphones is that they really allow you to personalize them. As crazy as it sounds, they’re like an extension of ourselves because everyone has different interests and needs. That said, I always find it fun to see what apps all of my friends and family like to use to catch up on the news, save money and organize their lives! Here are some of mine:


Seamless Web. I don’t like to order out for meals too often because it’s pricey. However, on nights when I’m getting back from a trip and haven’t done any grocery shopping or when I’m getting home late from school or work, it’s so convenient to be able to hop into the Seamless app and order dinner so that by the time I’m home, my food is waiting for me.


Travel Apps. Some of the apps I use the most are my hotel and airline apps. I use the airline ones to check in for flights, avoid having to print my boarding pass and keep up-to-date on how many air miles I’ve accumulated.


News Apps. I love the Wall Street Journal and New York Times apps because they allow me to read my favorite papers without having to deal with a bulky paper copy. I managed to score a cheaper digital-only subscription for the WSJ so I’m also saving money while I keep up on what’s going on in the world.


HopStop and Maps. I am not the best when it comes to directions so HopStop and the different map apps are lifesavers when it comes to me finding my way around. It’s such a nice treat when I use my phone to realize that I’m right near a subway stop that will get me where I’m going for quite a bit less than a cab!


Annie Idea is a contributor to Quick Quid, a short term loans lender that provides fast and convenient online cash advances to customers all across the UK. 

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