Feb 19

Jabra Motion UC

Jabra has introduced the Jabra Motion and Jabra Motion UC.  The UC version has the same features as the Motion with the added benefit of working with your PC, tablet, or Smartphone.

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When on the move - Jabra Motion follows


Jabra has gone above and beyond with the new headset, Jabra Motion - providing maximum mobility and the most superior user experience, whether on the road, in the office or at home. Jabra Motion is completely interoperable with all mobile devices and UC platforms. All it takes is a simple touch and Jabra Motion literally follows your every move, using the latest motion sensor technology for superior audio experience and full flexibility. 

(NASHUA, NH, FEBRUARY19, 2013) - Today, Jabra, the world’s leading manufacturer of wireless audio solutions, announced a state-of-the-art headset, Jabra Motion™, designed to suit the rapidly growing  group of mobile workers that are multi-tasking at the office, in the car and at home using smart phones, tablets or laptop with ”presence everywhere” apps and Unified Communication (UC) solutions.


“We aim to help the mobile worker gain the full benefits from their mobile devices and UC solutions. It is our experience that one of the most important factors for users, embracing these communication platforms and devices, is the headset which bridges the gap between the users and the promise of efficiency and flexibility with sound,” says Mogens Elsberg, CEO Jabra.


The intuitiveness of the Jabra Motion design features allow you to concentrate on the job at hand; not having to give second thought to the surroundings when picking up a call. With a combination of motion sensors and intelligent microphones, Jabra Motion automatically adapts to the sound environment and adjusts to ensure the optimal and clear sound throughout a conversation, whether in a noisy office  or on the road. The headset registers any movement instantly; when you pick up the headset - the call is answered simultaneously; when you start walking, the speaker volume is automatically adjusted; just as it will turn off and takes a power nap when laid down.


“We are pleased to have Jabra onboard with the Jabra Motion for the new Microsoft Lync 2013,” says Giovanni Mezgec, General Manager for Lync Product Marketing at Microsoft Corp. “Jabra’s long history in UC and their knowledge about audio perfection and innovative design will add value to the end-user experience of Lync customers.”


Jabra devices enable users to derive the full audio experience with all the flexibility- and efficiency benefits they expect from mobile devices and UC solutions through enhanced voice collaboration. Jabra has had a continued collaboration with Microsoft and has been a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner since 2007, when Jabra launched its first optimized headset for Microsoft Office Communicator. Today, Jabra carries a broad portfolio of UC hands-free audio solutions - optimized and qualified for Microsoft Lync.


For the Jabra Motion, the Jabra design team opted for the ‘behind-the-ear’ circular shape; mimicking the back of the ears’ semi-circle shape; a simplistic, yet aesthetic design element. The folding boom adds “pocketability” - the ability to carry it in a pocket without breaking the boom arm – a key feature in the new design. The folding boom is at the same time used to take and end calls with a simple flip of the boom arm.


The Jabra Motion ‘behind the ear’ Jabra design is the 8th generation of a legendary headset wearing style that has become a Jabra trademark. Since 2000, when Jabra launched the world’s first Bluetooth® headset, the ‘behind-the-ear’ design has been setting industry standards with more than 4 million devices sold.


Jabra Motion will keep you up to speed and in touch, any time and everywhere - it intuitively follows your every move and with the latest Near Field Communication (NFC) technology for fast pairing, you simply tab the headset with your NFC enabled devices to connect.


The launch of Jabra Motion follows the recent announcement of another new Jabra innovation - the Bluetooth® enabled speakerphone; Jabra SpeakTM 510. Together these two devices offer a powerful package of connectivity for both personal and group conversations, turning any space into a conference room. With the increased mobility of the global workforce the Jabra Speak 510 was the natural next step from the award-winning Jabra SpeakTM 410 that won best in test in a 2011 Sound & Design survey.


To highlight Jabra Motion’s importance to the mobile worker target audience, its launch coincides with the launch of Microsoft Lync 2013 (. Jabra is excited to be a Gold Sponsor at the Lync Conference 2013. Partner and Customer attendees may visit Jabra at Booth #7 to view and test the full range of Lync Optimized Audio Solutions for the mobile worker, home and corporate office and contact centers.

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