Mar 28

Jabra launches new suite of stereo headphones‏

Jabra is excited to announce that the company’s highly anticipated line of stereo headphones - Jabra Revo Wireless, Jabra Revo (corded) and Jabra Vox - are now available for purchase. Following the successful launch of the Jabra Solemate portable Bluetooth speaker, these three new products take the music-listening experience to greater heights with excellent durability and design.

Beginning today, all three products will be available at Amazon.com and Dell.com for the following retail prices:

Buy it now

Jabra REVO Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones - Retail Packaging - Black

Jabra VOX Corded Stereo Wired Headsets - Retail Packaging - Black

Jabra REVO Corded Stereo Headphones - Retail Packaging - White

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