Apr 23

Jabra REVO Corded Stereo Headphones Review

I have always had a fond liking to Jabra’s headsets and now the company has expanded their line to include new Stereo Wireless and Wired headphones. This market is dominated by the Beats by Dr Dre headphones but those pair is marketed toward casual consumers. The Jabra REVO has a wider appeal that it looks good in the office or walking around town. In addition the REVO has a mic to make it a nice headset alongside your iPhone.

When I first received the REVO I was impressed by the design of the headphones. While other headphone felt plasticky the REVO had a nice feel with solidly built aluminum and steel construction a good amount of cushion for comfort. The CORDED version comes in your choice of white or gray versions. The REVO is foldable for easy travel and cord is removable and can attach to either the right or left side of the headphones. Since the headphones have two inputs you can share the music with a friend.

The REVO sound amazing with just the right amount of bass and crystal clear sound. The REVO also offers Noise cancellation which is helpful on flights. The headphones feature Dolby Digital Plus technology to offer the best sounding headphones possible. The REVO has some nice feature like the volume control on the right earcup. The center of the earcup you can play/pause and answer/end phone calls. The left earcup features a center button that activates the Jabra Sound App on your phone. The REVO can be paired with up to two devices.

I went on a trip to New York City last weekend and brought an iPad and the REVO’s and it was bliss on the airplane flight over. The small size when folded up is great for travel as it easily fits my backpack. The Jabra REVO has style, solid construction, and phone calling abilities make it one of the best choices for anyone who wants a high quality stereo headphone.

9.8 Out of 10

Buy it now here
Jabra REVO Corded Stereo Headphones - Retail Packaging - Gray

Also available in wireless version here
Jabra REVO Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones - Retail Packaging - Black

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