May 16

Giottos AA1903 Rocket Air Blaster Large-Red Review

DSLR’s are becoming much more affordable and amateur photographers are getting rid of their compact camera in favor of Smartphone’s and DSLR’s. Those who are making the splash to DSLR world should know a big problem everyone at some point has to deal with is dust. When you swap out your lenses you will find eventually dust get into the sensor.

The main thing I will use for Air Blaster for is to blow off dust off of the DSLR sensor. You simply set the camera to sensor cleaning and remove the lens and then point the camera down as you blow the air. Giottos Rocket Air Blaster is one of the most popular and powerful air blasters on the market. I also use the Air Blaster to remove dust on Lenses, filters, and other things like computer keyboards.

The Giottos Rocket Air Blaster is an essential tool for camera enthusiast and recommends everyone have one at home and when traveling. I no longer have to use the healing brush in Photoshop to remove dust out of my macro photos.

The Giottos Rocket Air Blaster should be in every camera bag as it will keep your camera clean and free from dust. The Rocket Blaster is cheap and won’t damage your camera like other solutions will. The Rocket Blaster comes in 3 sizes of small, medium, and large. At less than $10 the Air Blaster is well worth the cost.

10 Out of 10

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Giottos AA1903 Rocket Air Blaster Large-Red


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