May 21

Richard Franiec’s Sony RX100 Custom Grip Review

The Sony RX100 digital camera has been well received by camera enthusiasts for it’s almost DSLR like quality photos thanks to its 1 inch sensor.   The RX100 was one of the top 50 best inventions by TIME Magazine.

So far the RX100 has been getting a ton of positive buzz but the camera does have its faults.  The RX100 costs $650 retail so this is not a cheap camera to buy.  The menu system can sometimes be confusing.  And finally the camera is so slippery I almost drop it as soon as I opened the box.  The first two cons are not that big of a deal but the last one is.  Several reviews have mentioned how slippery the RX100 is.  Here are some of the quotes:
Cnet “The camera tends to clip bright highlights more than we typically see, and the slippery body lacks a grip.”
Oleg Novikov Review “Fourth, the camera body is metal and does not have any coating: while it might appear beautiful in the pictures, in reality it is quite slippery and awfully hungry for fingerprints and smudges.”
Digital Camera Info:  “The RX100 feels a bit slippery at times, but when Sony said that it would be pocket-able, they really meant it.”
Ming Thein - “I’ve taken to putting some cloth tape on the front of my camera’s grip area for a more secure hold, because as handsome as the smooth anodized aluminum looks, it’s a slippery little bugger. Looks hideous, but I’d rather that than drop a very expensive point and shoot.”

So with all these reviews mentioning that the RX100 grip is non existent and already slippery due tot he aluminum glossy body as solution is in order.  Fortunately Richard Franiec has come out with a new 3rd Party Custom Grip for the RX100.  The Franiec RX100 grip is machined out of aluminum that matches the RX100 perfectly.  The RX100 grip is held into place using very strong 3m adhesive.

The Grip can be removed using simple dental floss.  So if anyone is worried that the grip would be permanent it is not and can be easily removed if required.  I simply slipped the dental floss under the grip and slid it through.  Any remaining adhesive I scrapped with my fingernail and then used some rubbing alcohol to finish.

Sony made a major design flaw by making the RX100 slim while not adding a nice grip to its design.  Richard Franiec has come out with a designed custom grip that looks like it came directly from factory.  When attach it, I cannot tell that the grip was not part of the original design.

10 Out of 10

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