Jun 13

Ekobrew: Reuseable K Cup Filter Review

I purchased the Keurig one cup coffee machine a while back and love it. The biggest negative on the device is the expensive one use cups. I also don’t think throwing away all those plastic cups after one use if good for the environment. The Keurig does brew a nice cup of coffee but at what cost.

Ekobrew is a company that has created a simple solution to saving money and protecting the environment. The company has the Ekobrew and stainless steel version that replaces Keurig K-cups. Ever since buying the Keurig I was looking for reusable solution to using my own coffee.

Ekobrew sent me a stainless steel version and a regular plastic version of their reusable K-cup replacement. I filled the cup up to the line with Starbucks Blonde Roast coffee and closed the cap. I then inserted the cup to the Keurig and closed the lid. Now I am ready to brew a cup of coffee. The finish products were a nice hot cup of coffee that tasted just like it came from the original K-cups. The reusable cups are very easy to clean as well as just rinsing out with water did the trick.

The Ekobrew works well with no leaking and no removing any parts of the Keurig. It is a simple solution to save money on the K-cups that cost a lot more than the bag of coffee you can buy at a grocery store. In addition you no longer have a pile of empty plastic cups to deal with. The Ekobrew is great for environmental, cleans up well, and requires to adapter. The Ekobrew is by far the best replacement K-Cup reusable cup on the market.

10 out of 10

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