Jun 28

SodaStream Source Starter Kit Review

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SodaStream has teamed up with Yves Béhar to design the new Source SodaStream soda maker. Yves Béhar is well known for his design and company’s like Ouya, OLPC, Jawbone, and PACT have sought his design in their company products. The new Source soda maker looks like it has taken SodaStream to the next level of design.

The setup of the kit was easy enough as you remove the bottle in the back of the unit and then screw in the CO2 carbonator. Next you clean off the Reusable 1L BPA-free carbonating bottle with stainless steel accents and fizz-preserving cap and add water to the line. You insert the bottle in an angle then push back to install. The bottle should be hanging into place. And then you push down on unit and the fizz will start to infuse the water. You can see the outside LED to gage the carbonated level. Finally add your favorite mix into the carbonated water and enjoy.

I have owned a previous SodaStream which was much larger than the Source and at that time had less flavors. I do like the improvements SodaStream has made to the device as well as adding a ton of new mixes you can buy from their store HERE. The Coke Free which compares to Coke Zero actually tastes better than the original. I like the refreshing flavor of Diet Cranberry Raspberry. The MyWater are refreshing drink after a heavy workout. Also the energy drink will give Red Bull a run for its money. Another great feature on SodaStream website is you can see the ingredients of each flavor mix.

Just like you have a Coffee maker I believe that in the future everyone will have a Soda maker in their home. No more will consumers have to go to the grocery store to buy soda brands filled with sugar, chemicals and high fructose corn syrup. The mixes last a long time so you can make a ton of flavor water, sodas, sparkling water, and more with the Source.

9.8 Out of 10

Buy it now here
Sodastream Source

And buy the Mixes here
SodaStream Mix

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