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60beat GamePad for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Review

Apple will finally support game controllers in iOS 7 but you don’t have to wait to experience console like gameplay. 60Beat already has an iOS GamePad that you can buy today and play games now. I was never fond of the touch screen controls of tablets and was hoping that controllers will be made for these tablets. Now there is a lot of interest in gamepads for tablets as tablets are much more capable of playing 3D games.

60Beat not Apple was the ones who release a gamepad for IOS devices which include the iPod, iPad, and iPhone. The 60Beat Gamepad comes in white with a PS3 style controller style. The controller connects to iOS devices by using the headphone jack. If you are familiar with console gaming then the controls are the same. The GamePad has 2 joysticks, D-Pad, and 10 action buttons.

I have tested out several games with the 60Beat GamePad and have compiled some gems in the bunch.

Aftermath HD is one of the best games I played on the iPad. Aftermath HD is a survival horror game where you fight off zombies off with a weapon and a flashlight. The game is only $2.99 at the app store HERE

Caster HD is a Sci-Fi 3rd person shooter for the iPad. You speed across scenic locations while you face off against bug like creatures called Flanx. The GamePad makes it easy to roam around the vast landscapes with ease. Caster HD is an excellent game to get if you plan on buying the 60beat GamePad.
Buy the game HERE

The touch screen gameplay on IOS is hit or miss. They are just ok and they tend not be very inaccurate. The GamePad by 60Beat solves this by using their GamePad just like you would on a console. Since the controls are so easy to use I can now play hours upon hours of gaming where before I would play 5 minutes and quit. Two games I really liked using the GamePad with was CasterHD and Aliens Incursion HD.

The ease of use and expanding compatibility makes the 60Beat GamePad a must have accessory for your iOS device. I will say you will have much more fun with the games with the GamePad and can play the games longer. IOS is moving towards supporting controllers so we will see better compatibility with controllers in the near future.

9.2 Out of 10

Buy it now here
60beat GamePad for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

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