Apr 24

LATITUDE28 DESIGN Lightning Rabbit Cables Review

Apple makes great devices but their cables are generic as can be. The white cables are plastic and cheap feeling and often too short. LATITUDE28 DESIGN Lightning Rabbit Cables fixes this with the line of cables they sell. The cables come in three configurations, the Lightning Rabbit, Micro Rabbit, and Old School Rabbit.

The Lightning Rabbit is for the latest generation of Apple products using the Apple Lightning Connector. The Old School Rabbit is using the old generation Apple 30 pin Connector. And finally the Micro Rabbit can be used with any device using Micro USB.

Each cable is 5 feet in length, have fabric cables, and aluminum tips. I like the longer length of the Rabbit cables as the stock cables feel a bit short especially when charging the device. The fabric cables are much stronger than the thin cables that Apple uses. The aluminum tips make the cables feel much more premium.

Overall the LATITUDE28 DESIGN Lightning Rabbit Cables are the perfect premium Cables for Apple devices. The Micro Rabbit is perfect for those who have other brand of Smartphone’s. The Lightning Rabbits are solidly built and should last and long time compared to the stock cables that feel like they are about to break in any moment.

9.5 Out of 10

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