Why you should leave Ebay

On May 5, 2014, in Uncategorized, by nzomatrix

UPDATE: Resolved. Paypal sided with the buyer of course. But Paypal did fit the bill instead of me. And I did received a call from Paypal escalation that they did care about customer concerns. I consider the matter closed. But I hope Ebay continues to improve the customer service experience.

I used to be a die hard Ebay buyer and seller but now things are starting to change. I am starting to use Amazon.com a lot more these days. The problem with Ebay has too many scams.

First I was part of a trigulation scam on Ebay. I bought a brand new North Face Jacket from Ebay seller. The seller shipped it through Cabela’s and I found they used a stolen credit card. I had to contact Cabela’s myself and go through BBB to get a resolution. The resolution was I got a refund by Paypal and gave the money directly to Cabela’s at the reduce price I bought it for.

The seconds issue was just now I received an item not as described Paypal dispute. The Blu-Ray movie was brand new sealed. Ebay item 261466113721. I told the buyer it’s brand new how can it be used. He said it didn’t play but then magically started playing but then said there were fingerprints on it(Could it be that you touched the bottom of the blu-ray disc). He asked me for a partial refund. I refused that even though this is a less than $20 item I would not stand by and see a buyer abuse the system like this.

I asked the community for help and they said it’s not worth fighting for since Ebay always sides with the buyer. And that I should just block buyer and move on.


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