May 24

Maxxeon WorkStar® 340 GearHead’s Pocket Floodlight™ - Carbon Fiber Edition Review

When I was a kid I used a penlight for a school project to illuminate a shoe box model. The problem was the penlight only lasted 30 minutes and it didn’t illuminate the shoe box very well. Today flashlights are more powerful and this penlight by Maxxeon is head of the class.

The Workstar 340 is made of T6 Aluminum covered with a very cool faux Carbon Fiber skin and covered with a tough, shiny clear coat. The penlight looks very well designed and is better looking than a plain black flashlight. The penlight is only 1 ounce or 28grams making it very easy to carry with you. The half-press momentary ON can create a help signal when you need help or a car breaks down. The penlight is solidly built and is back with a 1 year against manufacturing defects.

The Maxxeon WorkStar 340 is perfect for someone who works at night since it’s easy to clip to your jeans or pants. It is also great for someone who wants a every day carry flashlight. The Workstar 340 is super powerful that it outperformed my full size flashlight. The beam is similar to that of a floodlight that it creates a large flood of light. In addition the penlight has a rubber O-ring seals so it is water resistant.

Penlights have come a long way and the Maxxeon WorkStar 340 is superior to any other penlight I have come across. Where I live we have blackout once or twice a year for some reason and the Maxxeon WorkStar® 340 will be great when it happens so I don’t stumble around the house in complete darkness. At $40 it’s a great deal better than any other penlight on the market and small compact size makes it easy to carry with you anywhere.

9.5 Out of 10

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Disclosure: Review unit, affiliate.

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