Aug 07

Dart - Next generation Active Stylus with greater accuracy

Dart is the next generation of Active Stylus with PCB digital circuitry that offers users a 2mm hardened silicone tip for greater accuracy and less chance of errors. I have used stylus in the past with my iPad but never found a solution that worked. The Dart is the first stylus that has a thin 2mm fine tip for the best accuracy.

The Dart exceeded expectations on it’s Kickstarter page surpassing it’s goal of $10,000 with a final tally of $54,492 in funding. The Dart will become available to consumers in mid-August for $49.95.

• Compatible devices: iPad 1,2,3,4, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Mini retina. Application compatibility: Works with ALL applications
• Tip Size: 2.1mm Hardened silicone (NO DISTORTION). One of the smallest tips available in the marketplace.
• Power source: 1x AAAA Battery with manual on/off
• Electronic components: Embedded PCB enables Active Stylus functionality.
• Software requirements: None
• Plug-in requirements: None
• Bluetooth pairing required: None
• Dimensions: Barrel: 11.5mm, Length: 131mm
• Construction: ABS plastic tip and cap, Brass barrel and fittings
• Weight: 1oz (with battery)
• Battery Life: up to 20 hours (Depending on use)
• Color: Jet Black (matte finish)
• Accents: Etched white rings for better grip
• Retail Packaging will Include: Stylus pen, three tips, 2x AAAA battery and instructions.

• Design: The Dart Stylus is constructed of quality Precision machined Brass, Aluminum, and ABS plastic to achieve max responsiveness with minimal weight.

Check out the Dart HERE

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  1. Bill G

    Just got My Dart Active 2 mm stylus in the mail yesterday and it is perfect! This Stylus not only feels nice in your hand when using it but it actually produces true pen-like experiences when taking notes.

    By the Way, I just checked their website (www.precisiontouch.com) and it looks like you can order right now.

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