Aug 24

LIGHTFREQ - Sleekest, Smartest Light Bulb Ever

LIGHTFREQ is a smart light bulb with built in speaker, 16M colors, notifications, Intercom, Alarm, Whole house Audio! Party Modes, and LOUD.

LightFreq features Bluetooth, WIFI, Multicolor Energy Efficient L.E.D. Lightbulb (RGB-W) with Built in HD Audio. The accompanying app help change the way you use a light bulb and your smart device. Using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi you can play HD audio through the whole house. Utilizing Bluetooth only, you can play up to two LightFreqs at a time with the A2DP Bluetooth protocol, so you’ll be transmitting in stereo. LightFreq has a special feature called built-in follow where your audio will follow you from room to room as long as you have the smart device with you.

Check out LightFreq on Kickstarter HERE

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