Oct 30

CUTCO/KA-BAR Outdoorsman

The CUTCO/KA-BAR Outdoorsman is essential tool for the outdoorsman. You’ll depend on the CUTCO/KA-BAR Outdoorsman to clear brush, shred wood for a fire and cut paracord. The company includes a forever guarantee so it will be the last knife you will own. The company makes the knives in America and the Outdoorsman can be purchase for $189.

Blade material 440A High-Carbon, Stainless Steel
Handle material Glass reinforced nylon
Blade Length 5.5″
Overall Length 10.5″
Weight 9.52 oz.

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  1. joran

    The forever guarantee only covers indoor use. If you damage the knife through anything other than indoor use it counts as misuse and abuse. To get it replaced, you’ll have to pay half the retail price.
    I was just wondering if maybe cutco has a special guarantee for the outdoors knives because it seems silly they aren’t covered the same as the indoor knives.

    1. cutcothor

      Yes, our outdoor knives have the guarantee. As for abuse, the guarantee is more lenient on what abuse really is.

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