Jan 01

Disappointed in Sear Warranty Repair

I purchased a Craftsman snow thrower last year during the holidays. 1 year later the clutch cable breaks. I brought it in to Sear Warranty was told by the salesman that 20 or so other craftsman snow throwers had the exact same issue(yet no recall). It does appear to be a manufacturer defect since even after being fixed it looks like it could fall off any minute.

Warranty repair process
Told it takes 2 weeks and will get a phone call
No phone call email customer service
was told to pickup item
The salesman mistakenly sent the item back to repair a second time.
Now I wait a couple of more days.
Pickup item.

Now today I try the snow thrower the first time. The pull cord starter doesn’t not move at all. It appears stuck. There was no issued with the pull cord before I sent it off. I tried the electric start and it still does not work. I will have to contact Sear support again and likely another long time before I see my snow thrower again. What good is a snow thrower when you don’t have it for snow season due to poor craftsmanship and repair by Sears?

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