Feb 16

WorldCard Mobile Phone Kit Review

As a journalist, every time I review a new product I receive a business card from the company I am reviewing.  In the past I just threw away the business card or misplaced them.  Now a product will make it easy to save my important business contacts.  The WorldCard Mobile Phone Kit is a Smartphone stand and business card scanner all-in-one.


  • Capture business cards, recognizing contacts’ information automatically with the customized aluminum alloy phone stand
  • Synchronize contacts’ information via Gmail contacts, and store them in Dropbox and iCloud
  • Manage and access your contacts on all your devices, iPhone, Android Phone, PC, and Mac
  • Transfer data with Outlook, Salesforce, ACT!, and other software

The WorldCard Mobile Phone Kit acts a simple stand, then you can pull up the back end of the stand and hold business cards.  After this you simply download the app and launch your Smartphone camera to act as a scanner that scans your business cards.  There is a lite and paid version and your kit includes an activation code.  You can use the device with either Android or iOS devices.

The WorldCard Mobile Phone Kit is perfect for capturing a large amount of business cards.  You can also return the business card so they can reuse the business card to someone that would needs it.  The stand is made of aluminum alloy and feels like it will last the test of time.  The WorldCard Mobile Phone Kit is a must for any businessman that needs to organize his/her business contacts on the fly.

9.5 Out of 10

Buy it now HERE

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