Mar 16

CoolStream Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review

Take your music anywhere with the CoolStream Wireless Speaker and listen to music the way it should be with this 6-Watt Speaker System. The poor built in speakers on mobile devices and laptops are poor and the CoolStream Speaker offers a speaker that can blast your favorite music.

Wireless Speaker by CoolStream offers big sound and amazing clarity to stream music from your many devices. The speaker comes in a sleek black boxy design. It features a rechargeable battery that will last around 4-5 hours. The speaker has built in SD so you can add music by SD card and play it on the speaker. You can also attach a 3.5mm audio jack and spit out sound from your laptop. In addition the speaker has USB port to add an USB flash drive and listen to music. The amount of ways to listen to music on the speaker is amazing.

The sound quality on the CoolStream Wireless speaker is exceptional. It takes input from just about every source. The speaker has a built in mic so you can use the speaker as a speaker phone. The speaker is easy to pair with my Bluetooth enabled laptop and 3rd generation iPad.

The CoolStream Bluetooth Wireless Speaker is by far the best valued speaker on the market. The many ways to attach devices wirelessly and wired make this the speaker to get. The SD card feature as well as the USB connection make this a versatile speaker for all. The Coolstream is super cheap at only $37.99 at Amazon yet it rivals speakers that cost $100-$150. I would not hesitant to buy the CoolStream Bluetooth Wireless Speaker for all my listening pleasures.

9.5 Out of 10

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Wireless Speaker by CoolStream. Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Rechargeable Battery for iPhone, iPad, and Samsung Galaxy.

Disclosure: Review unit, affiliate.

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